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Bobcat Milling

Edge Milling is performed when resurfacing roadways or streets. It provides a smooth transition between the gutter pan of the curb and the gutter, at transition areas such as handicap ramps and adjoining concrete surfaces, and at entrances and exits to public streets or adjoining areas that are not going to be resurfaced.

Butt Milling is a beveled mill. In other words, the area flush with the gutter pan is milled down to the depth of the contracted resurfacing, and the outer edge of the milled area is to no depth. Therefore, the area milled will transition from usually one and half inches at the curb and slope to no depth at the outer edge of the milled area.

A bobcat mill will usually mill the corners of the parking bays and any other areas found to be inaccessible to the milling machine. The area will then be cleaned of debris.